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The Big Willy’s was created in 2009. Since then, the establishment has become one the point of interest of the west coast for many of his activities. The restaurant has successfully won the heart of the west coasters, the Big Willy’s has become a place to be in the nightlife in Mauritius with a BIG nightclub which achieved a record of 1300 attendance at once!

The nightclub is also known worldwide with his past partnerships with big names of the music industry such as Willy William, Emma Hewitt, Slimane, Betoko and much more!

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The Think Big, Act Green campaign is active since 1 year ago, it is the involvement of the Big Willy’s for the protection of the environment. Regarding the environment, we have analyzed how to reduce our impact on the environment in our daily activities, we have started by reducing our consumption of water plastic bottles, now we produce our own table water through our CARTIS system which is water filtration by coal which we serve in reusable glass bottles. In the optic, we have fully eliminated plastic straws from our daily activities. We have decided to serve edible straws in our restaurant for all cocktails, it is fun and more important it is ecologic. The campaign contains also lots of “small eco-actions” such as recycling of used oil, sorting of waste, working with producers and suppliers of the region to avoid transport.


Who’s who?

Meet the team making all of this possible.

The main team consists of Frederic & Gerald. They spend most of their time at Big Willy’s, always thinking up new ways to entertain an ever growing and demanding clientele, that they are really close to and spend a lot of time with.

Fred has been the manager at Big Willy’s since 5 years and during that time he’s completely revamped the infrastructure by adding and remodelling new areas such as the beer garden and the restaurant and created partnerships with some of the key players of the mauritian entertainment industry.

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The management team is always open to your ideas and actually enjoys hosting parties and events with their clients. May it be a private birthday, a fund raiser for a rugby team or a business meeting. Big willy’s is the place to be. So don’t hesitate to contact us to organise your special night / day.